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Welcome to Mind Body Baby!

Explore the world of holistic care, where your pregnancy and parenting journey is enriched with personalised consultations tailored to your unique needs.


Guiding you through this exciting phase is Stephanie, an accomplished perinatal wellness practitioner, with a rich background in labour and birth support, childbirth education, pre & postnatal corrective exercise, and remedial massage therapy.


Stephanie also serves as your trusted source for gentle sleep solutions, offering dedicated services as an infant sleep and settling consultant.


With Stephanie's expertise and unwavering commitment, you can confidently navigate this transformative chapter in your life, knowing she'll be there supporting you every step of the way.

Perinatal Holistic Wellness

Stephanie takes a holistic approach, providing wellness support throughout all trimesters of pregnancy and beyond. Through individualized remedial massage, corrective exercise, and bodywork therapy sessions, Stephanie offers personalized care tailored to your unique needs at every stage ensuring your body's strength and resilience throughout the entire transformative process.

Empowering Birth & Beyond

Stephanie's commitment to holistic wellness extends seamlessly to encompass both comprehensive childbirth education and birth support. With her international experience as a doula, she brings a wealth of insights that empower you with valuable knowledge and confidence, enabling you to approach childbirth with positivity and empowerment. Stephanie fosters an environment of safety and openness, allowing you to freely ask questions, express concerns, and effectively prepare for the joyful arrival of your little one.

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Nurturing Sleep Solutions

Stephanie is excited to extend her support to new parents as a dedicated baby sleep consultant, enhancing her expertise in pregnancy and birth support. She provides invaluable, personalized strategies to ensure a positive sleep experience for your little one. With her gentle yet effective approach, Stephanie is here to help your family achieve the restful nights and peaceful sleep you all deserve, making her a comprehensive resource for all stages of your parenting journey.



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Remedial Massage &
Pregnancy Massage


Mercier Therapy &
Fertility Support


C-Section Scar

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Childbirth Education &
Doula Support


Pre & Postnatal
Corrective Exercise Therapy


Infant Sleep & Settling

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Seeking Support on Your Pregnancy & Parenting Journey?

I'm here to help, no matter where you are in the world!


"My wife and I tried to prepare for the birth of our first child as best we could. We read books and articles on childbirth, listened to hypno-birthing audio, watched videos online, and attended birthing classes. But, the most helpful thing that we did before the birth of our child was to hire Stephanie as our doula.

She was very kind, professional, knowledgeable and respectful throughout the entire process. My wife and I felt that the planning sessions prior to the birth were more informative and pertinent than the 5 weeks of birthing classes we attended. Also, her coming to our house to follow up on breastfeeding was a nice touch.


Stephanie’s educational background and personality compliment her skills as a doula perfectly. Our birth was about 18 hours long. I cannot stress enough how much comfort she brought to my wife, myself, and our family members.

If you are on the fence about spending additional money on your birthing experience, I can testify that her services are one of the best investments we made".

Josh & Amanda

Together, Let's Make Your Perinatal Journey The Best That It Can Be!

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