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Remedial Massage Therapy & Pregnancy Massage

Whether you are looking to improve your overall health, relieve pregnancy related aches and pains, or release post-birth muscle tension, we have you covered.


Remedial massage treatment sessions begin with a thorough posture and movement assessment followed by hands-on therapy which may include a variety of remedial massage techniques including relaxation & deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy and cupping. Your therapist will also provide you with self-care techniques and exercises to assist with long-term relief, and better positioning of baby if you are pregnant.

How Remedial Massage Can Help:


Reduces swelling

Improves mobility & function

Decreases muscle tension & joint pain

Increases blood flow and improves lymphatic system

Alleviates headaches, back pain & sciatic nerve pain

Facilitates physical & emotional healing after birth

Lowers levels of stress and anxiety

Promotes relaxation and sleep


Special pregnancy pillows and bolsters are provided to ensure that you are comfortable and supported throughout your treatment, and we always work to your level of comfort.

Pregnancy Massage


Alleviates physical and emotional stress, muscle tension and pain while also improving blood flow, mobility and function throughout your pregnancy.

Happy Mother with her Child
Postnatal Massage


Facilitates the healing process post-childbirth, provides nourishment to your body and mind, and helps to reset your body back to its pre-birth state. 

Yoga Class
Remedial Massage


Promotes function, mobility and sleep by utilizing a combination of relaxation & remedial massage techniques to relieve stress, pain & muscle tension within the body.


Pregnancy Massage

60 minutes

45 minutes



Postnatal & Remedial Massage Therapy

60 minutes

45 minutes



Caesarean Scar 
(more info)

30 minutes

45 minutes



*Services are claimable through private health insurance if you are covered for remedial massage therapy.

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