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Baby Massage

Infant massage is a gentle, natural therapy that can enhance your baby's overall physical and emotional development while also promoting a loving and nurturing bond between parent and child. Learning how to massage your infant is a wonderful skill to have and can be utilized from the early weeks of infancy and throughout childhood.

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Baby Massage Course

This course covers baby massage techniques in detail and includes massage sequences and strokes for the entire body - legs, buttocks, abdomen, chest, arms, face and back. You will also learn specific massage techniques to relieve pain & discomfort associated with cholic, wind and sinus congestion.


Duration: 3 x 1hr lessons  |  Cost: $195 

Benefits of Infant Massage

Improve Quality
of Sleep

Boost Immune

Relieve Sinus


Relieve Wind, Reflux & Constipation

Aid in Healthy
Weight Gain

Reduce Cholic / Crying

Facilitate Healthy Parent-Child Bond

Improve Circulation
& Muscle Tone

Frequently Asked Questions

How old does my infant have to be to attend the Baby Massage Course?

The baby massage course is designed for babies aged 4 weeks old to 8 months old.

What type of massage oil is used?

Organic, cold-pressed grapeseed oil will be provided for use in class, however you are welcome to bring your own massage lotion or oil if you prefer.

What should I bring?

Please bring the following items with you to class:

  • Change mat and blanket for baby to lay on – make sure it is ok if a bit of lotion or massage oil gets on it

  • Nappy bag

  • An extra feed (milk) if baby gets hungry

  • A water bottle for yourself to stay hydrated

*You may wish to do a patch test with the massage oil and watch for any reactions if there are concerns with allergy or skin irritation.

Is this course suitable for special needs babies?

Yes! Massage therapy can provide numerous benefits for premature and special needs babies. Please contact your instructor prior to registering for the course or add a note to your online booking so that your instructor can prepare for your lessons accordingly.

Do you offer group classes?

Baby massage classes of 2-4 babies can be arranged by contacting your instructor. Group classes take place in your home and are ideal for friends who wish to participate in a baby massage class together, or for small parenting groups.


Duration: 1.5hrs            Cost: $40 each (2 babies) |  $30 each (3-4 babies)          

A Relaxed Baby is a Healthy Baby

Happy Baby
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