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Pregnancy & Birth Coaching

Private Childbirth Education | Body Preparation | Birth Support | Recovery

Mind Body Baby pregnancy & birth coaching sessions are available for expecting parents who wish to receive a more personalised approach throughout their pregnancy, birth and postnatal journey. You may choose a single session, a few sessions, or complete the whole pregnancy & birth coaching program.












& Relaxation




Postnatal Recovery


Giving birth is one of the most challenging and rewarding events that you may ever experience in your lifetime.


So, how do you prepare yourself for this life-changing transformation?




Having access to so much information on the internet can often leave you feeling overwhelmed and confused about how to best prepare for your upcoming birth. It can also elevate your levels of stress and anxiety.

This is where a pregnancy and birth coach comes in!

Just as you would hire a professional to help you prepare for a wedding or buy a new house, a birth coach will help you prepare physically, mentally, and emotionally for the pregnancy and childbirth process.


The pregnancy & birth coaching program is designed to help you navigate your way through pregnancy, birth, and postnatal recovery so that you don’t have to figure it all out on your own. You may start the program at anytime and can choose individual sessions, or complete all six sessions so that you feel confident and prepared each step of the way!


So, whether you have just realised that you're expecting or are already in your third trimester, your sessions will be individually tailored to meet your specific needs, goals, and timeline.


Guidance & Support During Pregnancy

Creating a Birth Preferences Document

Preparing Your Body For Birth

Knowing What to Expect & Managing Expectations

Relaxation & Comfort Measures for Labour

Utilizing Effective Pushing Techniques During Birth

How to Include Your Support Person in Your Birth

Facilitating a Healthy Post-Birth Recovery

Breastfeeding & Newborn Care

If you have any questions regarding the pregnancy & birth coaching program, please click here to inquire.

You are just one step away from investing in yourself and feeling empowered about your pregnancy & birth journey!

Mother in Love

How Much Information & Support Will I Receive?


SESSION ONE: Physical Preparation (1hr)

A Holistic Approach to Prenatal Care

Safe Pregnancy Exercise Guidelines

Breathing & Posture Awareness

Core & Pelvic Floor Health

Self-care & Alternative Therapies

How to Relieve Pain & Discomfort

Managing Physical & Hormonal Changes

Optimal Positions for Baby to Engage in Pelvis

How to Push Effectively During Childbirth


SESSION THREE: Birth Planning (1.5hrs)

Managing Expectations

Your Birth Support Team

Birth Goals & Preferences

Communicating With Your Care Provider

Medical Interventions & Informed Consent

Pain Relief Options During Labour

Placenta Encapsulation

Newborn Procedures

Hospital Tour Questions

Birth/Newborn Photography

Sibling / Pet Care Options

What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag

Meal Preparation for Postnatal Recovery

SESSION FIVE: Breastfeeding Education (2hrs)

Skin to Skin Benefits for Mum & Baby

Assistance with First Feed After Delivery

How to Determine When Baby is Hungry

Breastfeeding Positions

Establishing a Correct Latch

How Often to Feed Your Baby

How to Know if Baby is Getting Enough Milk

Pumping & Storage Guidelines

Overcoming Breastfeeding Challenges

Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) Support

Breastfeeding Resources

SESSION TWO: Childbirth Education (2hrs)

Anatomy of Pregnancy & Birth

Braxton Hick's vs. True Labour Contractions

Signs & Stages of Labour

Facilitating Labour Progression

Partner Support

Medical Procedures & Interventions

The "Golden Hour"

When a Caesarean Delivery Might be Suggested

How to Avoid a Caesarean Delivery

Making Informed Decisions

SESSION FOUR: Breathing & Relaxation (1.5hrs)

Preparing Your Body for Birth

Setting up Your Birth Environment

Breathing During Labour

Birth Affirmations

Massage & Counter-Pressure Techniques

Music Playlist / Guided Imagery

Using a Birth Ball During Labour

Hydrotherapy & T.E.N.S. Machine Benefits

Active & Resting Positions During Labour

Effective Pushing Techniques

Partner Support & Key Phrases

Timing Your Epidural (if desired)

Nutrition & Hydration

SESSION SIX: Postnatal Recovery (1hr)

Birth Experience Debrief

Physical Healing

Processing Your Feelings & Emotions

Breastfeeding Assistance

Newborn Care Tips

Pelvic Floor Health & Recovery

Diastasis Recti Evaluation

When is it Safe to Return to Exercise

Alternative Therapies for Mum & Baby

A Review of Your Pregnancy & Birth Journey

Parenting Resources

Are You Ready to Take Your Pregnancy to the Next Level?

I'll be with you each step of the way to help ease your mind, boost your confidence, and provide you with valuable tools so that you can experience a positive and empowering childbirth experience!!

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Not sure?

Connect with me via email, or schedule a complementary discovery call today!

Pregnant Woman

Got a Question?

Are you looking to speak to someone who can help ease your feelings or worry or concern, answer a question that you may have, or point you in the right direction?

Pre & Post Natal
Guidance Consultations

If you would like some guidance from an experienced pregnancy and birth professional who can assist you in your preparation for pregnancy, birth and beyond, then you have come to the right place!


Pregnancy & postnatal guidance consultations offer you comfort and support in a warm and friendly environment, and are designed to provide expecting mothers and families with access to evidence-based information and resources throughout the perinatal period. 


Topics that may be discussed during your consultation include:

  • Prenatal Exercise & Wellness

  • Maternity Care & Birth Options

  • Managing Stress & Expectations

  • Preparing for Labour & Childbirth

  • Preparing for Your Newborn

  • Postnatal Health & Wellness

  • Birth Experience Debrief

  • Alternative Therapies


Allow Me To Assist You In Making Your Pregnancy Journey The Best That It Can Be!

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