Mind Body Baby Fitness offers specialised exercise programs that combine strength training with cardiovascular exercise, balance and stability exercises to prepare the body for pregnancy, childbirth and postnatal recovery. All workouts emphasize the importance of core and pelvic floor activations when applied to movement and are safe throughout all trimesters of pregnancy, and also for women who have a diastasis recti abdominal separation.

Our Programs are Perfect For...


To improve reproductive health and fertility with full body functional training workouts.


To increase strength, balance and mobility, and maintain a strong core and pelvic floor.

Postnatal Recovery

To aid in your recovery and help you re-establish a strong mind-body connection post childbirth.

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Why Is It Important to Exercise During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, a woman experiences several physical and hormonal changes which often causes the body to function at a less than optimal level. Changes in posture, alignment, body weight, organ placement, and pressure on the pelvic floor can affect many areas including balance, strength, mobility and breathing.

Regular exercise throughout your pregnancy can help you maintain strong core and pelvic floor health, increase your overall strength and fitness level, help alleviate common pregnancy discomforts, and provide additional benefits to both you and your baby.

It is recommended that you follow an exercise program specifically tailored to pregnancy and that is appropriate for your trimester. Programs led by a certified personal trainer, Pilates instructor, yoga teacher or allied health professional who has completed additional training in pre & postnatal exercise is a great place to start. 

Benefits of Exercise During Pregnancy


Fewer Pregnancy Discomforts

  • Healthy weight gain

  • Reduced likelihood of Gestational Diabetes

  • Reduced likelihood of Preeclampsia


Easier Labors

  • Decreased need for pain relief

  • Decreased risk of non-surgical interventions

  • Decreased risk of surgical interventions

  • Less time spent in labour

  • Reduced likelihood of excessive birth weight babies 


Faster Postpartum Recovery

  • Faster recovery from both vaginal and Caesareans births

  • Stronger pelvic floor muscles

  • Improved breathing 

  • Increased energy levels

  • Significantly reduced aches and pains

  • Improved overall functionality of entire body

Prenatal Yoga & Meditation


Baby Plank

During Pregnancy

  • Improved nutrient and waste exchange

  • Fewer pregnancy complications

  • Fewer fetal interventions

  • Tolerates the stresses of labour better


After Childbirth

  • Higher Apgar scores

    • Activity, Pulse, Grimace, Appearance and Respiration

  • Increased intelligence scores

  • Improved mental & physical health into adulthood

Pre & Postnatal
Corrective Exercise Consultations

Prepare your body ahead of time with an experienced pre & post natal corrective exercise specialist who will help you feel strong and balanced throughout all trimesters of pregnancy, and ultimately prepare your body for childbirth. Once you have delivered your baby, your therapist will continue to work closely with you to help rehabilitate your core and pelvic floor muscles, restore function and mobility, and assist you in achieving your desired fitness goals.

Pregnancy Exercise Coach

Initial Consultation | $85

Follow-up Consultation | $70

Telehealth Consultation | $60

What's Included:

  • Initial consultation to discuss overall health, pregnancy history, current exercise routine, and fitness/birth goals.

  • Comprehensive movement assessments to identify and re-assess postural issues, joint limitations and muscular imbalances.

  • Program development specifically tailored to your individual needs and goals.

  • One-on-one coaching.

  • Program adjustments based on your progress and stage of pregnancy.

  • Physical and mental preparation for labour & childbirth.

Food For Thought...



IMG_6094 (Edited)_edited.jpg

When preparing for a marathon, athletes spend on average 6-12 months and approximately 150-300 hours in training for an event that lasts 5 hours.


Pregnant women on the other hand spend on average 20-30 hours of training in a 9 month period for an event that will last approximately 12 to 24 HOURS!


Giving birth requires a tremendous amount of mental and physical endurance. Therefore, it only makes sense that we should take the time to prepare both our mind and our body during this life-changing transformation!


Coming Soon!



One-of-a-kind prenatal exercise workouts that combine core and pelvic floor activation techniques with functional exercises to improve balance, strength & mobility, and ultimately prepare your body for childbirth.

side plank.jpg


Specialised postnatal exercise workouts designed to build a strong and functional core and pelvic floor post-childbirth. Also aids in the rehabilitation of diastasis recti separation and pelvic floor dysfunction.



**If you are pregnant, or you are between 0-6 weeks postpartum, you must receive medical clearance from your health care provider prior to attending private or group exercise sessions.


Feel stronger, healthier, and more fit than you did prior to pregnancy!